New member from Finland

Hi all! My name is Taina and I recently started to breed basenjis. My kennel name is Teeluun, and my kennels first puppies were born at 29.12.2006. Three girls, all red and white. I was hoping a brindle girl (mom is brindle). However, one of them is staying home.

About my dogs: Seri (Visakoivun Senet-Neferet) is a nine year old red and white female and mom of Iita (Visakoivun Waggish Flyhigh) she's brindle. And third, one of those puppies, is Amelii (Teeluun Ameli). I can't wait her to grow up!

We live north, couple of days has been quite cold: -20 celcius and under.

Sorry my bad english…


Welcome…I'm sure you'll find lots of great information and have fun with the forum. I know I do...

Welcome! I can't wait to hear how your babies enjoy the weather in Finland 🙂

Greetings to you in Finland…......welcome, enjoy the forum.

Have a seat and have a great time. You will soon find you have a lot of new friends on here.

Greeting from Europe ( Poland):)

Thank you all fo welcomin me! 🙂 I'll try my best understandin you and to be understandable…

Arti! My puppies father is import from Poland (Don Ekado)…

Hello and welcome aboard the forum. I can't wait to see pics of your basenjis.

i can't wait to see some of the B's your kennel produces, welcome!

Make sure you keep your B's nice and warm! Mine loves to curl up near the space heater.

Puppies stay mostly in our bathroom and there is a heated floor. Seri and Iita loves to be in a sauna, and when it gets too hot, they leave. Also they have a electric heated pillow in their "bed". They do not chew cabels or anything anymore.

Welcome our next door neighbour country 🙂

We are so looking forward to seeing pics of your little ones…

Hello neighbour!

I'll try to remember to put some pictures here, please be patient…

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