• Hi everyone!

    Seems lika a lot of Swedish members has found their way here, and now I am joining them:)

    My name is Jeanette and me and my husband-to-be have 3 adult basenjis and also now a litter of 6 littleones. One of them is a keeper and that brings us up to a total of 4 Basenjis reciding in our home. 2 reds and 2 brindles, 1 male and 3 girls.

    We live in the middle of Sweden in the deep forest just beside a little lake. We have just started breeding and this is our first litter, and we are SOOO enjoying staring down the litterbox all day.

    I am now joining this forum for finding new friends and participating in intresting conversations.

  • Hej! Welcome to the forum! Yes there has been a Swedish invasion of sorts:D Plenty of room for all, great place to talk, share and learn about Basenji's…...enjoy!🆒

  • Welcome…it sounds like paradise to me! I'm sure you'll find lots of useful information and have fun while doing so...send pictures if you can...we love pictures!

  • GO SWEDES!!!…welcome to the boards. You MUST post pics of the little puppies 🙂

  • Welcome!!!

  • Hello - Everyone from Sweden! Welcome to the forum. I am always learning here.

    Gondolin - your place sounds mystical and beautiful. Please post some photos. I love the puppy pics.

  • Welcome Gondolin! It sounds like you have your own little paradise! 🙂

  • Greeting from Europe (Poland)🙂

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