• Hello everyone.

    I'm new to the group and relatively new to the joys of owning a Basenji. We got our Gizmo from the kids of a neighbor. They had rescued him from a breeder but their work schedules had increased so much, poor Giz wasn't getting enough lovin'. They brought him by and the whole family (hubby, son and terrier rescue Angel) fell in love. Well, everyone except the cat, but she only loves any of us on the occasions that suit her so we didn't count her objection. Giz is almost 4 and we have had him for about 6 months and boy did we get a crash course in the life of B's! :rolleyes: Things have settled down and he is a wonderful addition to our home. I'm looking forward to reading more about this breed I love and talking with other B owners!

  • Welcome to the boards! I am sure this site will be very helpful to you.:)

  • alkite you'll love it here if all you want to do is talk about B's ALLLLLL DAY LOOOONG 🙂 🙂 😃 😃

  • Congrats. I too rescued an older (3) basenji and love him so much! He and the 2 cats are finally getting along. It took about a year on one of the cats. He likes to lick and "flea" the other one.
    Good Luck!

  • My B does not lick. I like to think it is because he is leaving all of the licking to our other dog Angel. She licks everything and the cat's behind is one of her favorite recepients of a good lick. The cat just looooves that! lol. Giz just sniffs, sniffs and sniffs some more.

  • Welcome…this is a great place to learn, have fun and discuss all things regarding Basenjis!

  • Hiya alkite! Welcome to the boards 🙂

  • Welcome to our little Basenji community. Great people, good fun always educational.

  • where in illinois? i live in the bloomington/normal area.

  • Hey, Abby Basenji, I have an Abbey basenji!

  • Hi!

    And welcome!

    I am also new here but have already learned a lot..

    Please post some pics of your little rescue.


  • We are in Shelbyville, just a hop skip and a jump away :o

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