Hello from Las Vegas

I'm here to learn about Basenjis and are they really a sighthound breed? I have 2 retired racing greyhounds and love all sighthounds. 🙂

Welcome to the Basenji Forums. I have started a thread for question about whether they are sighthounds or not in the Lure Coursing section.

Thank you. It's my understanding they are but when I think sighthound, I think long legs. 🙂

Basenjis are considered both sight and scent hounds. Although mine make good scenthounds, I think of them more as sighthounds because they don't have the 'look' of scenthounds - no hanging ears to help fan scent in to the nose, a narrower muzzle, etc. They do have the wrinkle, but not so much on the front of their faces around the cheeks and nose or the hanging dewlaps. (Think Basset or Bloodhound)
Basenjis may not have the leg of the Greyhounds or Salukis, but they are very fast and very agile. They can corner much more efficiently than a larger dog.


Thanks for the info, Terry. And that explains my confusion before this. From now on, I'll consider them as sighthounds. 🙂


I am also new here, I have Basenji´s but one can always learn more:D

Please post some pics of your dogs 🙂

OK, here's a picture of my two greyhounds, named after their colors, Bengal (tiger) and Panda (bear).

Welcome…they are beautiful!

What beautiful dogs you have. I love the fact they are named for their colors. I have a basenji/whippet mix… talk about a sight/scent hound. She loves to run and HUNT those squirrels.

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