• Dallas, the Basenji I adopted a couple weeks ago, eats like a pig! I've never seen a dog eat so fast or as much. Dallas literally runs around the kitchen while I'm fixing the dogs' food because he is so excited. He eats and eats and eats like he has never had a decent meal. I'm not limiting his food because he is so thin. Although, I notice he doesn't know what a veggie is and cautiously tries them.

    I have to watch Dallas very closely as he steals (oops, borrows) food every chance he gets. Last weekend, three dinner rolls and a bag of cookies from my favorite bakery disappeared!! He knows how to take lids off of trash cans, he can open cupboards, he can pull the dishwasher door open, and he absolutely panics if at least one dish doesn't have kibble in it at all times.

    I know Dallas will calm down in time when he understands food will always be here for him. BTW - eventho, Dallas is rough around the edges, he is the best behaved Basenji out of the pack - a real sweetheart of a boy. I adore him.

    As soon as Dallas has finished meds for respiratory infection, he will have blood work done and his thryoid checked.

  • He's had so much change in his life that some time will be needed and he'll relax. Seems like food was scarce. You don't want to over load him though. He'll digest better if moderate it. If you can feed several small meals through out the day. I'm sure he's very happy at your home.

  • My BRAT rescue, Hunter, had to compete with 2 big dogs for food and treats in his first home.

    We have had him almost 6 months.

    When we first got him he scarfed food and would "bite the hand that feeds" if we had treats.

    He will still scarf food, if mixed with wet food. But, he is learning that there will always be food and treats. He now takes treats like a true gentleman!

    Nobarkus is right. Time will calm him down.

  • Sounds like he was in a large pack home and had to fight for his food. Once he realizes the other dogs aren't going to get his grub before he can, he should calm down a bit.

    If he snaps at cookies and treats, try holding most of the treat inside your hand, tell him "be nice" and when he is, relinquish the cookie.

    I'm convinced he's in the right home. And so will be Zelly when he arrives.

  • Houston

    Spounds like Dallas is loving it in your home, Vicki..I know he has come home, finally, and I know what you mean by "I wish he could talk and tell me his story".

    Moses scarfs his food as well, and I know Diana fed him as much as he needed/wanted. I actually just bought him one of those bowls made for dogs that eat too fast, so we will see how that works out.
    It isn't good for them to scarf, as it can bring upon bloat or vomiting..or other discomforts..

  • @Vicki:

    Dan, his ears and nose are scarred from fighting, too.
    I wish Dallas could talk and tell me about his life.

    Wow, he's had it tough. Lucky you saved him!

  • Do you think Dallas might have worms?

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