• Nexa got spayed on Friday and everything went good. They did find a spot on her soft palate when she was out that they are doing a biopsy on to make sure it is nothing to worry about.

    We put a mattress in front of the couch as a step so Nexa wouldn't jump up on the couch, trying to keep her as inactive as possible. In typical Basenji fashion the first time she went down stairs she jumped over the back of the couch because somebody put a mattress in front of it.😕 So much for the keep your dog as inactive as possible.

  • Houston

    Typical B..how funny. You almost wish you could put a sign up and for them to understand it , in this case at least.
    I am glad her spay went well..

  • Great all went well for Nexa.

    Rita Jean

  • Glad everything went well. Keeping them from jumping on/over things is the toughest part I have found. 🙂

  • Glad everything went ok for Nexa

  • I'm happy to hear that the spay went well and hopefully the spot on the soft palette turns out to be nothing serious…

    I will say, classic basenji maneuver jumping over the mattress that you had set down to help her. :eek: When Ruby was spayed she was a handful keeping quiet for the recovery, so I understand completely.

  • Glad all went well- sending positive thoughts your way as she heals!

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