• Friends.

    I´m new and my eng. is not good at all, so that´s a big problem for me. In fact our son brought the translater book when he fly out so ;-)…..I need to read more than wright.

    I had my first basenjibitch in 93, my second 95 and one litter 97. One puppiebitch stay with us and two were sold.

    Today we live together with one eleven years old gentleman (born in 95) and some whippets

    By for now.

  • Welcome…this is a lot of fun for Basenji lovers and you sound like you are in the right place!

  • Greeting from Europe ( Poland):)

  • Oh dear so kind of you bouth ! Thank´s a lot !

  • Hello and Welcome to the Forum. My Basenji girl is a mixed breed… the other half is Whippet!

  • Oh…..we have them separated and still been succesful. He is with my husband on the office when the girls are in season. I meet them mixed on a photo but not live.
    Please send me some photo of her.

  • Hi Ramses and welcome! 😃

  • hello ramses, your puppy in your avatar is so cute and wrinkly! welcome to the forum, do not worry about your english, we all speak basenji. baroo!

  • So much kind people in the List 😉 Yest she was really cute, but now she is gone to her mother, almost nine years old. She had a hernia in her neck.

    By for now

  • Hej! Welcome to the forum, lot's of good Basenji people, fun and infromation.


  • Welcome to the forum! If you check this often, I am sure that it will be a way for you to improve your English as well as having fun with all the basenji people!

  • Welcome to the forum. We too got our first in 93. I now have a 12yr old and two 1 yr olds. They are great …and don't worry, my English isn't so great -- and I'm an American!:)

  • Oh I really hope so but my eng. just used in Greece, so that´s wy. I have only a few words, and it´s difficult to explain and to wright..smile
    Yes we talk basenji yoddelie not eng. and american is good as well.
    You are so kind.


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