• Hi everyone! I'm new to the basenji forums. Thank you to the guy I met at Starbucks today for telling me about it! 🙂 I didn't see anything currently setup for meeting up in San Diego, so I was going to see if anyone could make it out this Saturday.

    Our basenji is just under a year, and she hasn't seen any other basenjis since she was a lil' pup.

    I was thinking of meeting this Satuday, October 23, at the dog park in Mira Mesa. Maybe around 3pm? Can anyone make it out?

  • Welcome to the forum! I live too far north (SF) to attend but I'm sure there may be somebody near you.

  • jerricaberri,

    Did anyone meet you? I live in San Diego and would be interested in having our fur kids meet. My boy, who will turn 2 in jan always loves to meet new basenjis espeically girls. There are quite a lot of us scattered around SD. Let me know what works for you and can try to meet.

  • Hi Sharla!

    We would love to meet up with you and your furry one! Usually we go to the dog park on Satudays. Hopefully sometime soon we can have a bigger meetup with a bunch of basnejis. She hasn't seen another basnenji since she was separated from her brothers and sisters. She'll be one this December. 🙂 Let us know if there is a good Saturday for you to meet up.

  • Hi Jerrica - and Sharla too! A couple of us meet frequently (couple of times a week) at Fiesta Island with our basenjis. There's a big meetup group on yahoo but meetings have been sporadic lately since we tried to do a regular twice a month things. When it was more of a special occasion, we've had as many as 12 basenjis at one park or another.

    if you go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/search?query=san+diego+basenjis you can sign up and that puts you in touch with all of us.

    Welcome to the forums, and to the wonderful world of basenjis in SD.

  • Oh really?? We were just on Fiesta Island today! Our senji, Nesta, ran into the water chasing a bird! Boy, we were surprised! She was so unsure what to do when she was waist deep in the water! LOL! When are you going out there next?

  • We'll be there tomorrow at some point.

    Can't remember if we're supposed to post direct emails on here, but I'll try - if you email me at mercato at littleitalysd dot com (write it like a regular email, I'm just breaking it up to thwart spammers) I'll contact you from there and we can trade cell #'s. We usually text each other to set a time for meeting up. Our two and Dan's boy meet regularly there and there are 4 others that we run into often.

  • Hi, I couldn't get an email through to you! Maybe try emailing me? It's my username here on basenji forums at hotmail dot com.

  • Hi all. Do you still meet on Saturdays? I just joined the forum a few days ago. I live in Mission Valley and have zero Basenjis to play with. I do have a small dog park to go to, but I've never seen a Basenji there.

  • Not sure about Saturdays, the Sunday group has not been very regular. 4-5 of us are semi-regulars at Fiesta Island mostly in the afternoons around 4 pm but it's unstructured. We text each other or just show and see who we run in to.

    In fact, we're heading there in about half an hour with our two B's. If you're around, pop over and we'll see you there!

  • We might have just missed you. We ran into Nesta and played for a while. Maybe next weekend…

  • Thought I'd post a link to a Basenji at a local shelter (EHS) just in case you need more Basenji in your life or know someone who does. 🙂 She's a sweet four year old spayed female who is gentle, great with dog-savvy kids and other dogs. Here's her PetFinder link with more info:


    I've posted her in the rescue forum but wanted to make sure that our San Diego friends knew that she was here and still awaiting a home.

  • Hi all I live with my sister temporarily in Rancho Berna and visit my bf in encinitas and have only seen one other B would love for mine to meet others my baby who is 1 has only meet his sister who is 9 he is a brindle and she is a red. Would love to, set others. Is fiesta island a fenced in area? If not do u guys go to eencinitas poway or rancho Bernardo or Torrey pines? Please txt me or email me 6197436921 or snoopyslove@gmail.com

  • Hi, I have two Basenjis and would like to know if any of the Basenjis owner in San Diego area (PB area) would like to meet up at the dog park. I live in
    Pacific Beach. I normally take them to Capehart Dog Park or Mission Trails.

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