• Catchin' rays…

  • I like that wish I was him I love the sun and sleeping.

    Rita Jean

  • Oh look it's a handsome Basenji sunbathing on the dash.

  • Happy, warm boy!! Is he on the dash?

    Perhaps I missed it, but care to share what make/model semi you drive? Just curious.

  • Boy! It's a rough life being a trucking basenji!


  • Houston

    Lovely pictures..such a happy dog…

  • Our boys are so jealous… the sun is all gone here!

  • I have a 2009 Freightliner Cascadia. Drives really nice, smooth, quiet, but the cabinets are a nightmare. Still have stuff everywhere…not very tidy inside:o

  • It has been so long since I have even been in a truck let alone really seeing them I just looked your up. Very nice I do like it. I had a Pete Conv I was leased to TMC out of Des Moines, Ia when I drove.

    Rita Jean

  • TMC…Black n Shiny:) They have nice equipment. I'm not a huge fan of Paccar, though.

  • I was Owner/Operator was bit and gray and shiny. Those that drove company they had to keep them in perfect order in and out. Co person could be in best of standing and come into Des Moines and owner came out and that truck was all dirty and dirty inside you were gone. Crazy. Smithway SMX Ft.Dodge, Ia owner called grandad he was fit over clean trucks should have seen his face when he opened one of co trucks and he was eye to eye with a snake driver carried with him. I know not funny but it really was gald it him and not me.

    Rita Jean

  • What a life! AJ is one lucky fella.
    Road trips with your favorite dog - doesn't get any better than that, does it?

  • AJsHuman….What a life....I thought, for a time, that it would be for me (I do love to drive) but I decided that I really am too much of a homebody. I do, however, just for fun, go driving around. Sometimes I actually try to get lost, take turns that I don't know where they go, and then another, and another, I always seem to know the right direction to get home. Maybe that's why Dad lets me navigate when I fly with him??? Maybe I have some of that "Incredible Journey" thing in me???:D

  • I got lost in Chicago one time. I was less than a mile from the interstate, but I use the sun as a navigation tool and it was overcast. Everything looked the same!:D

  • No fault of yours. Chicago is a nightmare!! Always under construction and poor signage. (although I've found that true of Atlanta and Houston as well when they're doing major construction)

    City planners need to consider out-of-towners when placing signs during construction.

  • Houston

    ..and just so you know, Houston is always under construction..or at least it has been since I arrived in 1991 form Sweden..amazes me, they are never done…what gives....growth, smoth..

  • Chicago; Portland, OR; Dallas; Houston; Los Angeles; Atlanta; Pittsburgh….I think these cities, among others, have invested lots of money in the company that makes those traffic cones. They're working for a return on their investment.

    There wasn't any construction in the area of Chicago I got lost in, just everything looked the same! Drove past the same store going the same direction four times...some Indian, eh?:D

  • And pay no attention when the kids decide it will be funny to change the signs!! Happened to me once in Indy. Sorry, but, on my own I would've been back on the highway in minutes. As it was, my friend insisted that he knew where he was going and …...we saw some of the worst parts of that town B4 getting back on the road. And (Basenji Forums and all) I couldn't stop thinking about my boy back in the kennel.
    Luckily we both lived through it......that guy....well.....I know he is still alive.....somewhere:)

  • Lol!!!!:D:D:D

  • AJ looks so cute , i could kiss him 😃

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