Newbie from VA

Hello all! Happy New Year… Great to join another Basenji group to start my new year off right!! 🙂

Hi BDawg!

Welcome to the forum, there is a lot of great information here and lots of cool pics, post some of your B soon.

Where in VA are you?


Hi- We're about 30 minutes outside DC… Where are you?

Chesapeake, near Norfolk

Have you tried Lure coursing yet? I think our organization would be your closest one, it is in Suffolk, VA usually the last Sunday of the month.

You are going to love the site, I see that you posted a great picture already

Your baby looks alot like my B, what sex and how old. My B's name is Sahara, and she will be 1 yr. old on the 31st of January. Does anyone have great ideas for a B B-day party, like can you buy dog cakes?

Aw…how sweet. You gotta love a sleeping baby! Welcome!

Lexi will be 6 in April. She's a great dog. We've tried Lure Coursing once when we lived in Georgia. My dobie liked it better. Lexi just wanted to socialize. 🙂 hahahah…

Hiya Lexi's huMom! Welcome to the forums - great picture of your little lady!

Hi and Welcome y'all! Lexi is so sweet in the photo. In real life too? 😃

Lexi's the best dog in the world. She's actually quite obdient and the perfect spooner. I am so obsessed with her!!


Great Pics, beautiful B! Welcome to the forum.

hahaha…. I just came across this old thread...back when I first joined. 😉 Awww, warm fuzzies to my B-Friends!!

Awwww, did you ever think when you joined that you would have two B's a year later?

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