• We are going to a new food..
    Not BARF but a different sort of BARF.
    We are going to feed a prey diet. Like they would eat in the wild.
    (like a hare, a rabbit, a fish, a chicken, etcetc. You can make a diet that fits your dog and will give everyting they need)

    So we now are giving the dogs some "bigger" parts to get used to it. (they have to learn to chew good)

    A BIG chicken leg (with some extra parts still on it)

    They loved it! I knew the boys liked it but we thought Hailey wont't eat it..
    So, she got her own meal completely AND could try the chicken…
    She finished hers before the boys were half on theirs!

    And it's gone….

    My dad, made all these pics, he was lying on the floor… this picture is taken below Chafuko between his legs...
    The dogs are not agressive when it comes to food.. they usually bring their "bigger" parts to us, we have to hold it.. the won't make their mouth dirty.. 😃

    Buana making weird faces…

    Mommy, please hold my chicken… My lips are getting too dirty and I WON'T use my paws!

    They liked it so much….
    They have their jaws and teeth for a reason.. 😃

  • I suppose it's a much better diet - but my mistake to view these early in the morning :eek:

  • Houston

    Mmmm, looks good, at least that is what my dogs think.
    They get raw as well, and sometimes we do the prey way, with larger cuts, sometimes I cut it up into smaller pieces. Either way, they love it and is thriving big time.

  • What a treat!

  • Very nice pictures and looks like they are really enjoying there chicken. Gald to see pictures from all of you again. Hope all is well and your resting.

    Rita Jean

  • That looks delicious! 😃

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