• This is Oden and his baby sitter Ferris, while im at work Oden plays at Ferris' house he is a greyhound cross

    and this is the damage they did yesterday this was Oden's comfy bed
    looks like they had fun

  • He reminds me of someone I know! Dude has the same facial markings, with the white a little off to one side… Cute!

  • i thought the same thing when i was looking at your pictures haha

  • Houston

    Wow, well, welcome basenji puppy..He is so darned cute though, I am sure it made up for the mess..and his friend Ferris is very handsome to boot. My Otis has a white marking just like that as well, although he is brindle/white. I always say the marking makes his face look a little crooked..

  • Oden is very cute and looks so little beside Ferris. They look as if they had a normal good day. After all a good babysitter lets the little do what they like right…....

    Rita Jean

  • I see that same stuffing from toys in my dining and living room. Excuse me, I have to go vacuum.

  • heee, we have all been here… very cute dogs.

  • yep…. we had a football displayed all over the outside kennel. lol

  • Hi Katrina02,

    I had to run off to the lounge to check if you had come down and snuck Vanda back to Canberra, (I think thats where you live ???)…

    Gee, they are looking so similar in the head, its not funny. Probably find that standing next to each other, they wouldnt be quite as similar, but, in that pic, WOW...

    I know, I know, I havent put any pics up, Im just slack, and too occupied with playing with the 3 of them, and I also need my OH to help me do it too. I will within the week though, I promise :D:D

  • yes Saba i want pictures of your little girl

    has she barood yet?? Oden has learnt how and greets us when we pick him up from 'doggy day care'

    he has also found that he loves sleeping in the bed with us under the covers down at our feet but only when we are watching telly in bed he doesnt sleep with us all night

    he is so beautiful i just love giving him big cuddles

  • Baroo, what the hell is that :D:D. I have got 3 boken B's, all from Kylie ;);)

    Mine are so quiet that it is nearly deafening !!!

    Saba hasnt made a sound, except for the scream when he went throiugh the plate glass window :eek::eek:.

    Ochre had a very small amount of time when she was maaking some sort of noise, like an animal that has just been shot !!! Recently she has even stopped that too.

    The only noise from Vanda has been grumbles and whinging in the crate at night ;);)…

    I tell you they are ALL broken !!!

  • LOL that is a familiar sight to most basenji owners - and dont they both look so innocent in the first picture?

  • @Elscodobermann:

    and dont they both look so innocent in the first picture?

    When I have seen this pic I thought the same-they looks so innocently :D.

    Oden is really sweet :p.

  • haha Great pics…

    Only after a destruction, you really are a Basenji owner... 😃

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