Mody and Simba

Today we made some pics of my sweethearts Mody-almost 9 months and Simba-4 years

Both of the dogs are very petty. I really like picture three the walking is great. I also like one as to if to say yes mom. I like your big boy he is cool looking.

Rita Jean

Thank you. They both are all my life and mean so much to me:)

Those are very nice pictures!

Gorgeous! Both of them…! I'd like a Ridgeback, but hubby says "no - too big". 😞 More pictures of Simba when you I can live my life vicariously through you ⭕)

Ridgebacks and basenjis seem to live together well. Yours are both beautiful, of course!


Petra, you have two beautiful dogs. I love all the pictures. We actually have a friend that has 2 ridgebacks, and that is what I wanted when my old Westie past away, but hubby said..No, too big, why don't we research basenjis instead, and well the rest is history. Thanks for sharing.

It maybe because I had him first, but ridgeback absolutly doesn?t seems too big for me in compare to basenji:) He is very calm and obedient, allways lying down next to my legs, very patient with Mody…I would never change this combination.

Lovely dogs, beautiful pictures!

Both are s? great!!!!!!!

mody and simba look s? beautiful!!!

:D:D:D I know what you mean Petra when you say Simba doesn't seem too big in comparison to the Basenji. Basenjis are larger than life 😃

Petra, your photos are lovely. Mody and Simba are gorgeous. My favourite breeds too!


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