• @BART:

    ????? Shouldn't we be trying to find a home for this girl??

    That was the intention of posting, but we got off track!

    Some exercise and monitoring her diet will get her back in shape in no time.

    Look closely at the picture. The Basenji hasn't had her nails clipped.

  • Vicki I see her in the 1st picture but I see the rear end of another one. Why would we need to let one go???? I hope she gets a home that can love her.

    Rita Jean

  • Rita, I noticed that, too.

    I emailed the rescue group and asked for additional information about Tiara.
    Out of curiosity, I want to know more about her background.

  • This just speaks abuse to me – the poor girl is way too fat, her nails are too long, she's 6 yrs old and not completely housebroken, she doesnt' get along very well with kids or other dogs. And they won't give the registration with the adoption? Something is very wrong here.

  • Hope someone finds her and gives a home were there is lots of love and care. With other dog in the picture my husband wondered if they were going to try and use the registration on other dog.

    Rita Jean

  • Okay, this girl needs a home.

    I received an email from Tiara's owner, and I have her permission to pass along information:

    _"I adopted her a few years ago and have dealt with her attacking the other dogs in the house. The male basenji we have just looks at her and ignores her. If a dog is very very submissive, she will not attack. If they stand up to her, she will attack. Tiara and our dalmatian got into a scuffle on several occasions and we ended up bring Tiara into the vet for stiches. The reason we are letting her go is because of my cousin's children. They visit often and her son has gotten bit because he does not know any better. I have tried to lock her up, but she gets upset when we seperate her from the house.

    She does not dig or jump fences. She is a couch potato and is very very fat. She has been tested for the falcona and is negitive. She only eats 1/2 cup of dry food once a day and she does get treats. She loves attention and if you pick her up to place her into your lap, she growls like she is going to bite you - she doesn't. She is all growl and not bite to adults. If she is in your chair, all you need to do is snap your fingers and say down and she obeys. She loves a blanket in the corner of the room, but perfers sleeping with her humans.

    She is a spayed registered female, but I cannot locate the registration papers and never transfered them anyway. I did not care about the registraton, only the dog."_
    I asked about thyroid:**

    _"As for Tiara, she has been tested for Thyroid issues - Falcona - and is negative. I was told that she is just a fat dog. She was not from a puppy mill. I adopted her from a local vet that raises basenjis. Her dogs did not get along with Tiara and vs versa. I was willing to give her a try with my dogs. We did not find out about small children until this year. My kids are all older and respect the dogs space."


    The male dog was adopted from BRAT. She will not surrender Tiara to BRAT if no one adopts her. I asked.

    Y'all know I'd take her, but I've got six that ((finally)) get along and the pack has adjusted to the last two adoptions. We're family, now! 😃

  • Youngandtired's question about weight management is answered on the health issues thread.

  • I would love to help and say I would take her but I do not want her fighting with Jaycee. I hope someone out there will take her please.

    Rita Jean

  • Most likely she will not surrender her to BRAT because since she has a biting history BRAT can not place her. In fact, very few rescues will be able to take her in because of the bite history.

    Has she contacted the breeder? Is the breeder willing to take her back?

  • Hard to say whether the breeder will take her back. I'll ask.
    The owner isn't willing to "give" Tiara to anyone, she wants the adoption fee.

    Tiara belongs in a home without other dogs or children, lots of one-on-one training, long walks for exercise, high quality/low-fat/low-carb food, and a stress free environment.

    It is disturbing that a six-year-old Basenji is looking at yet another home. I should stop looking at petfinder.

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