• Hej,

    I found this link in a Sighthound Forum in Austria. Does anybody has any experience with these? Or has heared anything about that?




  • Never heard of them, do you think they would work though?

  • I am not sure if you even would have a chance to try out if they work at a Basenji female 😃


  • First that I have heard of them.. it would be interesting to get them and use them in conjunction with progestrone tests… then you might know if they work....

    How much is the price in US dollars?

  • Hmm, I think they would be eaten before the test pattern came up!

  • I have heard mixed reviews about these. Some people that have tried them have found that they have sharp edges which the bitches find very uncomfortable. I think if I was to try them I would do it like Tanza has said in conjunction with the progestrone test.

  • I have been just hearing from somebody who collected informations around this subject due to a plan of artificial insemination. And the consulted Vet said that they were not precis enough for this project. But in general it might be an option if you do not have to meet the highes peek.




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