What does a good front look like?

  • Can someone please send me what a good front looks like? and a few pictures of ones that have flaws on them so I can compare and see? I've a very visial person so it would help me under stand what you guys are talkin about when you mention thing about Jazz's front…

  • I highly recommend as have others that you get a copy of The Basenji Stacked And Moving. This has lots of illustrations to show all of the things that people have been talking about.


    The BCOA website also has an Illustrated Standard that you can use as a starting point.

  • And go to shows and watch the dogs showing in the ring…. better visuals when you are looking at the "real" thing.

  • Everyone's ideal chest is different. Here's what I consider a good chest. You will want depth, with the breastplate not too far back. The 'pigeon chest' that Pat was talking about is IMO the concave look that we are seeing more and more of. When you see this chest, you will usually see the front legs lining up closer and closer to each other. Here's a picture of Damisi's chest-which I consider to be a better chest these days. You will notice there is not much concave and the legs sit farther apart. You also want the upper arm to be of the same length as the lower leg. This is the bone that goes from the chest to the elbow and the elbow to the ankle.

    Robert Cole states "the foreleg…should be longer measured from an elbow to the ground than the body is deep."

    Also here's what I consider a good ear set. Yes, Sugar's ears are a little large, but with the ear set, it doesn't look bad. Damisi has much finer ears. Small and hooded. (Second set of pics.)

    Damisi has a very tiny head, so her ears look more in proportion in the pics, when they are actually quite small.

    Don't anyone else be afraid to pick my dogs apart, as I also like to hear the good and bad to see what I can improve when I am picking stud for breeding. It helps more than you can imagine.

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