• I've just ordered the fanconi test thingy this morning so hopefully in a few weeks time we will know Maya's results!

    She is from two clear parents so im hoping she comes back clear but i know that its not always that reliable so still a bit nerve wracking! :rolleyes:

    Anyone have any tips for getting the swabs done without her trying to eat the stick thing? :rolleyes:

  • Great you ordered it!! 😃

    I can give you a tip!
    We did the test with two people, both boys thought the swab was a toothbrush (I brush their teeth :)) and even when they missed their chicken flafored brush they try to chew!

    My husband hold the B, and keep their jaws tight together (it sound really unfriendly though!) and I took the swab in one hand, and their mouth in the other, then I just carefully placed the swab in their mouth..

    Went great!

  • Thanks for the tip. Thats how they did it with the labradors for PRA swabs. Didnt look too pleasant but the dogs didnt seem to mind.

    Guess its definately a two person job 😃

  • @Maya:

    Guess its definately a two person job 😃

    And actually, that is what is recommended in the instructions that come with the kit.

  • Houston

    I did do it by myself, but first thing in the morning so Otis was hungry. He happily agreed to let me put that in his mouth as he thought it as edible. I went very quickly and before he even realized taht it wasn't food i was done. But yes, if you have a second set of hands/arms around, by all means use'em. Good luck, I know the nerve recking part, I too, was leary of Otis parents being all clear/normals..you never know how accurate the parentage is, coming form a not so –--breeder. Turned out great though..

  • Well, im still living under the delusion that my little darling is a complete angel and hoping that she will just sit there and open wide like at the dentist 😃 lol Somehow i think it will be more like a game of "who gets the swabby sticky thingy" 😉

  • Good luck with getting your girl swabbed for the test. My mom is sending in Bella's test this month also. She hasn't called to complain about the "red devil" so I am hoping that means things went smoothly. Her brother Sawyer's results came back this week to his owner, Probably Clear, as expected from two Clear parents.

  • @Maya:

    Well, im still living under the delusion that my little darling is a complete angel and hoping that she will just sit there and open wide like at the dentist 😃 lol

    Yeah…good luck with that dream! :D:D

    I'm doing Liyah's (also known as the "whirling dervish named Aaliyah") this weekend (one clear & one carrier parent so not sure what she'll be) - I'll consider myself lucky that (even with 2 people) she doesn't bite the end off the swab. 😉

  • Test kit arrived yesterday 😃

    Only one swab though so better do it right the first time! Im going to wait until i can get my mum to come round and hold Maya (or pin her down lol!!!) as i dont trust myself not to do it wrong!!

  • I took Tillys swab as soon as she woke up - the info with the test recommends that they havent had anything to eat etc too soon before you swab. So i grabbed her at 5.15am one morning while she was nice and sleepy - job done before she even realised it might be edible!

    I Am sure your test results will be fine, coming from 2 prob clear parents - but it is still a good idea to do the test as the more we test the better - and the more we get back with expected results help to prove the test as valid to all those who still cast doubt on it!

  • Good luck with the swab Jess (he he he)

  • Thats a good idea… Maya sleeps through anything (and snores!) so maybe i could try doing it while she's still asleep!

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