Liyah's Pic from Potomac Hound Specialty

I finally got around to scanning Liyah's pic from her Sweepstakes placement at Potomac (her/my first show). She was 6mo/2wks at the time of the pic - still such a little peanut :D. That isn't me in the pic 😃 - I was off doing something (what, IDK) at the time of the pic and so one of her breeders, Sheila, stepped in for it.

She is beautiful! Congrats again!

Wow, she's beautiful! Lovely pic!

Fine looking B! That's a nice photo too.


Very pretty little brindle of my favorite colors..;)

She is beautiful very nice picture.

Rita Jean

She's very pretty. Congrats again. It will be cool to see her in person at Nationals. I think we'll both be in the same class.

Very nice, congrats again! Looking forward to seeing her soon. 🙂

Thanks everyone for the nice words. I think she is beautiful and adorable - but hey, I'm biased! ;):D:D We were laughing about the photo as that might be the only documented evidence that she actually stood still anytime during the whole weekend - she's a pistol alright and she definitely keeps me on my toes! :D:D:eek: She still looks about the same as she did in the photo - so she has more growing to do :D.

Regarding the National…as of last week, I may not be able to go (family health issue) 😞 - but Liyah will still be there with her breeders - not sure what class though. I'm going to try to do a quick fly-in/out for at least part of it.

What a beautiful girl 😃

I really was worth waiting for!!!!

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