• 😞 I don't know why Duna's behavior lately is so strange. She is now 6 month and this issue has never occured before!!
    Let me explain: she goes on my bed when she follows one of us upstairs to get dressed or do something else, so she jumps on the bed and lays down amd looks at you…or she might take a sock or soft toy from my lads bedroom and put it on the bed and play with it without destroying it. Then she'll follow you downstairs when youve finished. Twice, she has gone upstairs on her own and pooped on the bed!!!! A few days ago and this morning!!!
    Why this behavior now????:mad::eek:😕

  • maybe she got into puberty and wants to be the boss and makes it clear by pooping on your bed, as that is your "crate".
    just dont allow it or prevent it by not letting her in to your room again, I think it will blow over that way.

  • yeah!! Door shut for now!!! I got on the door " Keep OUT Basenji!!!" ha-ha!!!

  • Gossy does something similar and she's already 1.5 years old – she can be fine while I go to work (9 hours) but if I then leave in the evening to go someplace she'll pee on the bed. I've taken to putting piddle pads on the bed covered by an old sheet (if she sees the piddle pads she just tears them up so the old sheet is necessary). I think it's just brat behavior.

  • Houston

    I will keep this thread in mind, in case Otis ever gets this behaviour. I wish I could help, but I have no clue why she would do that. Good luck.

  • 😃 I can't help but laugh!
    Our little darlings are always full of surprises.

  • My guess is she is marking the bed because she REALLY enjoys spending time there, and wants to let everyone know that it is something she values. I am pretty sure there is no malicious intent there…she doesn't know how INCREDIBLY rude we humans find that 😉 I agree, keep her out of the bedroom when no one can be with her for now. If you catch her make a HUGE deal about it..."Oh no...YUCK..."...etc...raised voice, disgusted voice...but not yelling at her (if you know what I mean)...we want her to know that it is NOT acceptable...but not scare her too much.

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