• Ok I have had Scooby for 6 years, and we finally were able to adopt another B-mix yesterday. Penny.
    Scooby is Basenji with Terrier and Penny is Basenji with Chihuahua.
    Scooby is 7 years old and Penny is about 1 year old.
    They get along great, and she is still trying to adjust. She is a rescue just like he was. I was told she was spayed, but was also told that the Doctor had lost her files and paperwork. The Foster mom told me if she would get into heat to let her know and she would pay for her to get spayed. No biggie.
    here are some pictures of Penny and Scooby together

  • Lovely looking Dogs, thanks for sharing.

  • That's great! The mixes make wonderful dogs. Just give her some time to adjust and she'll be fine.

  • Houston

    Such lovely dogs. As a dog lover and new fostermom I have got to thank you for adopopting dogs. Awesome for them and you..

  • Very pretty dogs! Congratulations!

  • Thank you, they get along very well. Scooby sometimes growls at her when she get's too close or when she accidently steps on him while trying to climb onto something. Do you all think this will pass and is just a bit of jealusy on his part? He never went for her yet (biting or real fight, always just a growl) He was an only dog for the last 6 years, just a playdate here and there, I guess it would take us humans some time to adjust, too.

  • Houston

    Yes, I personally think it will pass. If you are worried aboiut it, when you hear the grumbles use a spary bottle and quickly squirt at the dog growling, they hate it and it will make them loose their train of thought..I read somehwere that it might take dogs several weeks to totally come to an agreement on each other, they still shouldn't try to kill each other but they might not learn to love each other until then either..To me it sounds like they are doing great. Let it take the time it needs. It is probably harder on Scooby, being the first and only dog and now there is a new dog on his block…but he will more then likely come around..

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