• Abbey's crate has a sheepskin pad that sheds lumps of fuzz every time she gets out of it. This morning I swept up all the little fuzzies, left the broom in the corner, and went to check my email. Then I heard noises that all B moms just know means they're up to no good. First I hollered What Are You Doing In There? So I go in the kitchen and Abbey's just standing at her bowl chewing. I apologized to her for being mean and thinking she was being naughty when in fact she was only eating her breakfast like a good little B. THEN I noticed what was hanging out of her mouth. She was eating the fuzz I had just swept up!

  • That's a basenji for ya!! LOL :rolleyes:

  • Quiet chewing is usually not a good sound! 😃 because it's usually something they should NOT be chewing LOl!

  • Sahara was all quiet the other day for me to investigate and found she had one of my Hallmark Christmas ornaments, it was a barbie ornament, one that I liked alot. I said, "Sahara what have you got"? She took off, but lost it in the run, haha!!! I got it, and threw it away!!! If I didn't love her so much, I would have been real mad, but what the heck!!!!

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