Has anyone used Previcox for arthritis in their B's? I have used Rimadyl but want to see if I get better results with the Previcox.

Have you ever tried glucosamine and chondroitin? Rimadyl is very toxic to the liver. How old is the Basenji? Also MSM is good too. They are natural supplements and they are worth a try.

Zak is 13.5 yrs. old. He has been on Cosequin for years just as a preventative. He also gets fish oil and apple cider vinegar. I always go natural first, as I am aware of the toxicity of all medications and hate to have to give them to him, but I a hopeful the benefits will outweigh the risks.

Have you had a full blood panel done? You'll want to see at what level the liver enzymes are at.

Yes. He was at the vet yesterday for an exam and bloodwork.


Yes. He was at the vet yesterday for an exam and bloodwork.

Good! See what the blood work shows and go from there. I put an older B I had on Dr Dodds liver cleansing diet for a little while and it did her good. See this link.

Go look at this site utopiasilver. This is for colloidal sliver. More sites look up colloidal sliver and see what all its good for. Let me know what you think.

Rita Jean

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