• My dog recently started with seizures, about 8 months ago, he has had 2 of these episodes in the 8months. I have had blood tests twice and recently on a walk he just collaped. Well, not collapsed in the word, he walked around the corner and laid down. This was 6am and still chilly out. I had to go to work and thought he was just testing me in the morning(after all he is a basenji) but when he went to stand up, he was wobbly and laid back down. I had to carry him back home, and laid him on the kitchen floor. My dad got him into the vet that day and again, they said, liver enzymes a tad bit elevated but nothing to be alarmed at. He is 8yrs old, I feed him natural brand foods, and he is fixed. Any ideas or any vets in Niagara Falls area who are familiar with our breed?

  • What changed back then? Have you been applying any flea or tick chemical drops on the back like Advantage? Any pesticides sprayed in the yard or house. Have a blood sample sent to Jean Dodds at Hemopet for a Thyroid check. Go to her web site for more information. Could be low thyroid which is easily treated.
    visit: http://www.hemopet.org/services.html

  • thank you soooo much. They are basenjis and I know they could get fleas they haven't yet. Yes I do have meds for them but havent ever needed to use it. My yard is not sprayed, I walk them in a field and woods. Yhe first incident happened during the winter months. Food, hasn't changed, treats haven't changed… but thanks so much for the link and I will follow up with it.

  • Seizures are a result of Thyroid problems are an issue with Basenjis that age. I had 2 with low thyroid. Please go to this link.


  • thanks again, yes Ziggee did come with a "basenji's owners manual" and I have been looking up all the issues, I will check that link out thanks

  • Please let us know how Ziggee turns out and good luck.

    Rita Jean

  • Hi,
    just read your post, how is your Dog?
    My Basenji started having seizures when he was 13 and the vet found he had a liver problem. They never actualy identified the exact cause just that his liver enzymes were too high. We did have various tests but were advised that whatever the problem they wouldnt be able to cure it and the best course of action would be to manage it. Of course Benji was much older than your Basenji.
    He was on quite a few different drugs and survived for a further 18 months. We managed his fits with epilese.

  • Hello,
    Certainly low thyroid levels can lead to seizures and passing out or low energy. Delta was put on thyroid meds at about 10 yrs old. Are the seizures full, eyes rolled back in head, shaking, loosing control of bladder etc. or are they milder? If full, your vet may want to consider low dose phenobarb or some such. The more ominous possibility is some sort of brain tumor leading to the seizures. You may want to think about having that checked out.


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