• I am taking both my B's in over the next week or so, for some health testing, and I would like to get the Vet to check for any heart murmurs, and also the state of their Patellas. I will be documenting this on the OFA site, but, I was wondering if I need a Vet Certificate, to present to the OFA, as proof that I have actually had a Vet test them, before putting the results up on their site ???

  • OFA has form that need to be filled out and signed by your Vet… if you go to www.offa.org you can download the forms you need

  • Thanks for that Tanza :).

    Our printer has broken down, so I will take the info to the Vets to get them to download the forms for me…

    Of all the testing that I was about to do, this is actually the only thing, (apart from Ochres Fanconi...), that I can do :(. I had Saba booked in for H/E, but, now I cant do them, cos I want to put them up on the OFA site, but he needs to be at least 2 yrs, and he wont turn 2 till 19th July. Also Thyroid has to be done 100 days from being in season, so again, have to wait, and patience is NOT my strong point 😃

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