Cardiac and Patella Testing ???

I am taking both my B's in over the next week or so, for some health testing, and I would like to get the Vet to check for any heart murmurs, and also the state of their Patellas. I will be documenting this on the OFA site, but, I was wondering if I need a Vet Certificate, to present to the OFA, as proof that I have actually had a Vet test them, before putting the results up on their site ???

OFA has form that need to be filled out and signed by your Vet… if you go to you can download the forms you need

Thanks for that Tanza :).

Our printer has broken down, so I will take the info to the Vets to get them to download the forms for me…

Of all the testing that I was about to do, this is actually the only thing, (apart from Ochres Fanconi...), that I can do :(. I had Saba booked in for H/E, but, now I cant do them, cos I want to put them up on the OFA site, but he needs to be at least 2 yrs, and he wont turn 2 till 19th July. Also Thyroid has to be done 100 days from being in season, so again, have to wait, and patience is NOT my strong point 😃

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