• Steepen is my 15 year old cat, recently diagnosed with FIV (feline AIDS):(
    I have had him for 10 years, prior to that he lived in an animal hospital for a year where I had previously worked until the AHT finally wore me down to take him home. He is a great cat, quite dog-like, actually. Unfortunately, he has lost half his weight as his health declines.

    Trevor is a 3-4 year old Boston terrier that we adopted from the local pound one year ago. He is a great dog, my son loves him. He likes to rough house with my son and play tug-o'-war. (Rosey doesn't really play). He is friendly to all and is submissive-polar opposite from Rosey.

  • They are so sweet…although I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty's recent diagnosis. I know he will have the best of care from you. I will keep good thoughts for all of you...

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