Its a service yard the same of a crate?

  • Its a service yard the same of a crate?

    I read that basenjis need to be crate training, but i hava a small space
    so i want to kown how necesary its crate training?

    I left Maca free in the app. but left the room's doors close.

    So Maca run free in the couchs and make pee on them :rolleyes::(

    well at least she is popping in the floor.

    Today i clean the service rooms and put some newspaper on that and the waters bowl.

    I still make some training puttin Maca on that place for an hour, so i can make the rooms without her ripping my clothes..

    its the same or i need to buy an expensive crate and dont have the space to put the crate..

    I hope my english is enough..:D

  • Make sure the area is puppy proof and there is nothing that Maca can get her collar caught. Service room like a laundry room?? or part of the yard outside??

  • Service room like a laundry room, its a balcony.. but have a roof.

    Its an apartment so the roof its the next apt. and so on.

    There is the laundry machine and that's all, Maca don't use collar in that place.. for now im trying to make the place for peeing when im go to work, but with me at home and clean i want to put maca for some time.. no more than an hour. So i can clean the house without maca ripping the clothes.

  • I would suggest you make sure the balcony is fenced so she can't stick her head through it and get caught. Put some special toy or treat out there so Maca doesn't think it is punishment but thinks it is something special.

  • Oh! the balcony has wall, she cant go out there in any way, just jumping, but she cant jump so tall. At least for now.

    I ll put some special toys.. thanks.

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