Crate Tray

Hey guys!

A while ago I had my aunt's beagle for a week and she tore apart all three of my plastic kennel trays, does anyone know where to get new trays? I have asked around town and no pets stores have any ideas.



What kind of crate (make and model) are they? Have you tried seaching the web for the manufacturer and contacting them directly?

Depending on what type of crate it is I have noticed that sometimes after you add the cost of the tray and the shipping and handling, that it's cheaper to buy a new crate…....

I did, Pat. They are both Midwest and they wanted like $35 for each plus 20 shipping last I checked!! Foster&Smith seems like the cheapest. About $57 for one 36" and one 42" with shipping. Right now I've got George in a crappy old metal one (that has a rusted tray) and Pig is in one with a blanket. I decided I better get new ones just because I don't like him in the rusty one or Pig without a tray. I went to another pet store today and they wanted $40 and $37. Crazy! Thanks for the ideas guys…

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