• Hi everyone! My name's Jan, and I discovered this forum while doing some research on basenji behavioral traitsโ€ฆ

    My Basenji story begins when my fiance' had been looking for a dog for his mother (who lives alone), specifically an Akita. I was browsing Petfinder.com and came upon a 10 week old "Akita" mix at a local shelter.... We ran down the very next day to see her, and though she wasn't an "Akita," we still fell in love with her. I pressured Mike to keep her for a few weeks to begin work on housetraining for his mom, and it was all over after that--we were hooked on her! We named her Sasha, and as she grew up, her legs just kept on growing!!! We figured out rather quickly that she was part Basenji, and she also displayed many of the traits of one (using her paws like hands, being INCREDIBLY smart, and the way she trots is exactly like a Basenji, just to name a few).

    When she turned a year old in January, we began to want to find her a playmate. We knew we were looking for another Basenji or Basenji mix, so we began scouring the shelters again, along with craigslist ads. We came upon a listing for Macey, who is a 5 month old Basenji mix (she looks even more like a Basenji than Sasha!). She just moved in last week, and already Sasha and Macey are inseparable....

    They act just like each other, and it's so cute to watch!!!! I know they aren't pure Basenji's, but they keep the funny stories coming just like their full-blooded cousins!

    I think I have more pictures of Sasha than I'll ever take of my firstborn human child, but I'll try to be selective of the ones I post here so you all won't die of boredom! haha.... Since Macey is a new addition, I don't have as many pics of her yet, but I will soon!!! My avatar is from the ride home when we picked Macey up. Macey is on the right, and Sasha is on the left....

    I've also attached some pictures of the girls... The pictures are of Sasha first, until you get to the one with both of them, then it's Macey.... I hope it's okay to post in this forum, even though the girls aren't pure-bred or anything.... Well, I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and learning a lot!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Welcome anotheroneofmany,

    Wonderful dogs! Im also new to the forum also, but i love to see photos.

    I think that two females dont work together, but you have two.


  • Welcome to the forum, You have very nice dogs!!!

  • Welcome to our pack - and it's okay that they're mixed breeds. It's the basenji part that's most important ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your pics! You have two very pretty girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Welcome, I hope your able to share more photos of your girls, when you have time.

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. Glad to have you here.


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