Basenji Speciality Sweden, 19 July 2009

If all goes well… (bloodtest for rabies etc) we are going to the Basenji Speciality in Sweden this July! 😃

We are going to enjoy Sweden for about two weeks and of course meet Tillo's family again! How cool is that?! 😃

Anyone else going?

Then you can take pictures of Baby's brother, Joonas, Khani's Stairway to Heaven.
I believe he will be going over to the Swedish specialty this year [he lives in Finland].

Wow!!!Janneke that's sooooooo cooooool!!!!!!

You HAVE to take a lot of pics for us!!!

I will take LOTS of pics!!!! We already found a nice place to sleep… Tillo got his blood drawn yesterday... We will know if he's allowed to travel after this weekend!!


Wooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!! We are going to Sweden this summer!!
Tillo's blood titer was high enough, so no one is going to stop us at the border.. 😃


Congrats Janneke!!!!!

I''l bet you can't wait… :d

We are leaving today 😃 😃

Speak to you all in about 2-3 weeks 😃 😃 😃

Hope you have a lovely time and remember to take lots pics:D

Welcome to Sweden!

I will show up with my dogs. I just noticed that it will be close to 150 Basenjis here at the show. Just crossing my fingers that the weather will be ok, yesterday we had over 100 mm of rain in just a couple of hours…

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