• Under my strict supervision Lycia tried unsuccessfully to shred a stray balloon….:D


    and it was really funny… except now she goes hunting for balloon like plastics around the house :eek::eek::eek:

  • Hahahah.. LOL! That's too funny!
    But it has to hurt when the balloon hits her face!!

  • She didnt really seem to care….

  • I've also heard of letting them play (supervised) with hair "scrunchies." You know the rubber-bands that are covered with fabric… About the same effect, but a little less snappy!;)

  • Oh yeah…. Lenny goes ape with hair scrunchies. its hilarious. to the point now where when i pull it out and stretch it in front of him he immediately play bows and tries to grab it and jumps back and forth. I don't even have to do anything with it, I just pull it taut and he starts... ha ha.

    tayda could care less.

  • ROFL! That was funny!

  • That video is hilarious, my B, Sahara loves to stretch rubberties that my husband (has long hair now after military for 28yrs.) pulls his hair back with. If one is laying on his nightstand, bathroom, Sahara has it lickkie split. She plays with it for awhile and then chews it into, and leaves it wherever it falls. Crazy dogs!!!!!

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