Low T3 values in thyroid panel

I just got the results of Nemo's thyroid panel and ran them past Dr. Dodds. She said everything was in the normal sighthound range except for the low Total T3 and Free T3 values. She said that likely indicates "some non-thyroidal issues". Anyone have any experience with similar test results or have an idea of what she may mean? I'm guessing it's not a major concern since my vet hasn't mentioned anything about it. But you never know.


My boy Nicky had the similar type of results when he was tested at about 20 months old. He had just recovered from a nasty stomach flu. Sometimes when they have been ill or stressed it can depress thyroid function so Dr Dodds just recommended retesting in 6 months to see if it changed.

He has tested normal ever since then.

Thanks. This may make sense then. They took the blood sample before his dental. One of his back teeth was infected and had to be removed. So that may be a contributing factor.

Sounds like that could be it. Glad his results came back well though!

I trust Dr. Dodds recommendations. When Ed and Nicky were tested there were some low values for Nicky but she said "OK for age and breed". Eddie however had some slightly low, some high, the testing lab (U of Michigan) recommended not to treat, but she said 1 1/2 mcg twice a day and everyone can see improvement in him, he is more active and playful again. We are waiting for results of his re-check to see if meds need adjustment. I am so glad my vet was willing to go with Dr. Dodds recommendations rather than U of M!

So glad Nemo is OK!

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