• Ok, I need some answers if I could please :).

    Ive just decided to possibly have a new Vet. He is a Vet who used to have a practice, but has decided to branch out into a Mobile Service…

    I had a very long and informative talk to him this am, mostly about getting Saba's thyroid testing done... He does have a few of the signs and symptons of H/T, BUT, maybe he doesnt, only time will tell, I guess.

    Anyway, he explained to me about the importance of T3-total, T4-total, free T3, and free T4. I will get all these tested. Then he also wanted to do TSH, but I have read somewhere that TSH isnt really useful in diagnosing H/T ??? Your thoughts ???

    Next, I wasnt able to ask him about T3 AA, T4 AA and TG AA, (he had some meeting to go to, but I am ringing him tonight. Its now nearly 2pm), are these necessary, and can you explain why for me please ??? Just so I can sound somewhat intellegent when I talk to him tonght !!!

    Once all these results are in, am I able to send the results to Dr Jean Dodds, to get her opinion on any course of treatment necessary??? Are there any other tests that Dr Dodds needs to be done, that I havent mentioned ???

    This Vet also talked about the possible need to test his cholesteral levels, as these are often raised, with H/T. Necessary ??? Also mentioned they are sometimes a little anaemic as well, necessary ???

    Dont get me wrong, he wasnt shoving all these test at me saying, they all NEED to be done, he was just giving me all the tests that can be done, in diagnosing H/T 🙂

    The reason I am asking here is, cos I need to go out soon, so I dont have the time to do much research, myself, before calling him tonight 😃 If anyone has some great links, please post, cos I will be doing more homework between tonight and the appt, on Sunday...

    Thanks guys :D:)

  • There are differing opinions on the importance of TSH. Dr Dodds does not believe it to be very useful but OFA does feel it is in diagnosing a dog that is compensating for low thyroid. T3 AA, T4AA, and Tg AA are the way to know if it is autoimmune thyroiditis which is hereditary vs idiopathic where the cause is unknown.

  • Well Im back earlier than I thought I would be… More study time tonight :D.

    Ivoss I thought that might be the case with the T3 AA, T4 AA, and the TG AA. I just didnt want to write it, in case I was way off in my thoughts... Would it be better to leave those tests till later on ??? (IM thinking cost here, have been quoted a horrendous amount of money just for the above tests. I would be getting them done later though...).

    He also has a rotten rash that I need to get seen to as well. The cream we have for him, is not working very well on him now, so I need to factor in that cost as well. Then just to add to the mix, Vanda needs her Vacc, especially as we are just about to start our Royal show season, so lots of travelling around all over the state...

    I think I will do the TSH then... (Kaching, kaching, kaching... Shame the credit card is maxed out isnt it !!!).

    Is it ok to send his results to Dr Dodds, for her interpretation, plus/mins her idea on treatment, if it is diagnosed ???

  • Ok, I now have one more question, to get Saba's bloods taken, I have been told that there are some food substances that he needs to not have prior to having the blood taken. Can anyone tell me what these foods might be ???

  • I could just cry…

    Ive been on the phone to the Vet, and he is sounding like a great new Vet. After talking to him, doing all the maths, its going to cost around $1000 to get the Total T3 and T4, the Free T3 and T4, T3 AA, T4 AA and the Tg AA, on just Saba :mad::mad::mad:. It looks like there is NO Path Lab in Australia that does the T3 AA, T4 AA and the TgAA, so I will have to Fed-Ex to America, I think he said Texas... I thought we lived in a first world country, with technology at our fingertips, obviously NOT... Im so angry at the moment...

    Looks like I will be paying in excess of $3000 to get all 3 tested, great...

    Ok rant over ⭕o:o

  • Houston

    Wow, that sucks. I can not believe that y'all don't have any labs that would do those tests. How about in asia somewhere, that would be closer, so maybe cheaper. Could you call some more places and ask around if they know of a place? just some ideas..

  • Email Dr. Dodds as she may know of a lab that's closer or she may have other suggestions. I have emailed her questions over the years and she answers quite quickly.

  • I agree with Dan, email Dr Dodds and ask her for a recommendation of where you might be able to get thyroid testing done closer. Also, since she does thyroid testing, ask her how it needs to be shipped if it is shipped.

  • Thanks guys, I have just sent an email to Dr Dodds, asking a few question I had…

    I am waiting for both the Vet and some B people here in Australia to get back to me, in relation to possible Aussie Labs... I will just have to be a bit patient, (not my strongest attribute :D), and wait for the answers :). I will let you know, when I know !!!

  • I found this, I hope it will help you:

  • Well I have been in contact with Dr Dodds, and I am able to do all the tests that I want to, for $65 US :). I am stunned at the prices that the Aussie Labs are charging, its just a blatant rip off :mad:

    Dr Dodds has been wonderful with not only answering my questions, but also her swiftness of reply. I can only presume that she is a very busy lady, and the speed in which she answers, must be so appreciated by so many :).

    Im so glad that I was patient and didnt rush into all this, as I usually do !!! Ive now saved myself a packet, so happy to know this :D.

    I have had the Vet down to see Saba, and he isnt sure about the rash, yet… He gave me some new cream to try and started him on some antibiotics, just to cover the idea that it is now mildly infected. Saba just had the first dose of A/B, then about half an hour later, threw it all back at me, all over the couch, and the floor, poor baby... He now looks so sad and sorry for himself...

    Tiva, thanks for the linky, it was very informative :).

  • Houston

    Good to hear that you got some great news from Dr Dobbs..

    Sorry to her about Saba..Hope he feels better soon. We have just dealt with severe stomach issues, vomiting and bloodys stools, so I understand how helpless you feel, when you can't really help them..

  • That is really good news from Dr. Dobbs. I hope the cream and med's help and soon.

    Rita Jean

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