• it was our very 1st show on the very 1st day of a 4 day cluster.
    With my very 1st Basenji. I was used to just strolling around the ring with a pom not running around with a hound where EVERYTHING shows. No hair to hide anything in.
    I was a little nervous to say the least. I was standing back against a wall of bleachers that were pushed up into the wall trying to relax and let my dog relax and stay out of the traffic. I had a puppy dog so I was going in the ring with the first class of basenjis. we were just waiting for the longhaired dachshunds to finish.
    Tuney standing up on his hind legs sniffing all the interesting smells in the spaces between the boards of the folded up bleachers. I didn't think any thing of it. He is a hound and likes to smell things and I wanted him to relax.:rolleyes:

    they were just about to judge winners bitch in the dachshunds and there were only a few of them and I knew I would be going in after one more class of them.
    That's when I looked down and noticed Tune had something all over his previously immaculate head!!:eek:
    Upon closer inspection and touching it…. eeeewww. It apeared to be old dirty CHEWING GUM!!:eek: I was on the verge of hysterics as I frantically looked around for something that would take GUM out of fur in an instant at RINGSIDE! It was smashed into his fur, short as it was, I could not pick it out without leaving a bald spot.
    I saw the superintendant table and quickly headed for it with poor confused Tuney in tow making our way through the crowds of 3 other rings. of course we were the farthest. When I got to the table hoping to find some handi wipes or something,,,,,, NOTHING. Then on the ringstewards table I saw a dispenser of hand sanitizer and a roll of paper towels. I thought, what have I got to loose. If I didn't get that gum off his head [it was smeared around in various spots quite noticably] there was NO WAY I could take him into the ring. I could just imagine the look on the judges face if I had presented to him a dog with GUM on his head. :p
    So I politely asked the steward if I could use their supplies. I was glad I was not at my ring and 3 rings away but I was nervously trying to see through the crowd afraid I would miss my class. The steward graciously agreed with blessings for my situation. I got the paper towel and putting the hand sanitizer on it, [my hands were shaking badly] turned around to my apply it to my dog, only to find him with a whole pork chop almost completely enveloped in his mouth. He had been busy too. Imagine the surprise on my face. I quickly set the paper towel down and grabbed what I could of the porkchop out of his mouth, which wasn't much, less than half. Some one had conveniently left a baggie with 3 of them unattended on a chair at just the right height for Tuney. How could he resist! All this time I'm thinking,, Dear God please don't let them call in my class yet…
    So I started rubbing at the gum on his head thinking, there is no way this is going to work. But lo and behold, it came off like it was nothing!! TO MY RELIEF AND AMAZEMENT!
    So I rushed back through the crowd and into my ring area praying that I still had time to get there. By now I was mentally, emotionally, exhausted. Thankfully I actually had a few minutes to catch my breath.
    We went in, Tuney free stacked the whole time. I was too spent to do much else. besides he was looking good and no sign of the gum or the hand sanitizer. The Judge was looking at him alot and to my disbelief, we took the class, a class of 4. I was thrilled. We went back in and took winners dog from the puppy class defeating a total of 8 other dogs for a 3 point major, our very first time in the ring! WOOOHOOOO! talk about beginners luck. 😃 I couldn't beleive it.
    Definately a show I'll never forget. I wish the breeder had been there but then again, It's probably a good thing she wasn't. LOL She got there Sat.
    Both the Thurs judge and the Fri judge, who gave him reserve, said they really liked him.

  • That is a great story! And congrats on a great win! Sounds like Tuney is off with a bang!

  • That is too funny! I think I would have been horrified too but what a great ending to that gum incident! 😃

  • Only in the Basenji world could any of us recognize the sheer trash horror and simplicity….I laughed and cried for you! I do not have a show dog but I could so imagine that happening! Even gum or antics cannot take away from the sheer regal beauty B's behold. My best to you and yours--M

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