Does anyone here belong to the Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club? I would like to join and wondered if this group is still active!:)

Just found out they are still active! Does anyone out there belong???

We've been before… I am hoping they will get their webpage together but it still looks the same as it did 3 years ago.

They have events- especially around the holidays. I've been to a couple over the last few years. They have a potluck dinner and gift exchange as well as an basenji-themed auction that raises money for the group.

We've also done the fun match which involved the dogs. It was neat to experience all those Bs in one room! 🙂

I spoke with Iris Craven via email and was told that they are working on updating the website. I saw it was out-of-date and that was why I wasn't sure the club was still active. I am glad to find out otherwise!!!

BTW I love the picture, thanks for sharing!

Bdawg, Did you go to the fun match where all the Bs yodeled at the same time? One dog inside started it and then it spread to all the dogs inside and out. Everyone just stopped to listen. We have had great fun at all the events!!

I mailed the papers today, yay!!!:D I did it for a family membership, just in case the DH or son want to go with me sometime. It's only a few dollars more a year, so it's worth it just in case… The only bad thing is Bella HATES car rides, so I hope some of the meets aren't terribly far away.

I must have missed that match. The only fun match I've been to is the most recent June fun match.

I'm relatively new to the forums…..have been lurking in the shadows, gleaning lots of good info just by reading other's posts for quite sometime, but sorta new to posting myself.....

I wonder if any of you who are members of Mid-Altantic Basenji club can fill me in a bit. I live in southeastern PA 30 miles outside of Philly, and wonder if their events would be close/convenient for me. I have a 3 yr old rescued basenji and both he & I are desperate for basenji connections! We have met one other little female b at a local dog park, but I have seen photos & videos of basenji meet-ups on the web, and they look like SO much fun.


Cindy, All of the events that I have attended were held at the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, MD. The Christmas Party and fun matches are a lot of fun. Well, the meetings are pretty good too. They also have pot lucks at each meeting and party. The fun matches usually draw a pretty good number of basenjis and because meetings are held after certain shows, Basenjis are there and Basenjis are also invited to the Christmas party. The Christmas party includes an auction of dog and Basenji-related items and the fun match includes a "parts" competition (who has the best tail, ears, etc) and games you play with your Basenji!! It's all good fun and neat to see and interact with other Basenjis and their owners.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Hope I can go someday!!!

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