Hedgehogs in California….illegal...oah No!!!!

  • I used to own a hedgehog when I lived in Colorado. Unfortunately he died of old age and I ended up moving to California. While looking for hedgehog breeders I soon found out that they are illegal in California. :mad:
    How awful is that! The ban also includes ferrits too!
    It is considered a misdemeanor if you are caught owning one of these little creatures and you can be subjected to having to pay fines as well. :mad:
    I contacted a few friends at the DA's office as well as a judge, and they all got a good laugh when I asked if they ever heard of anyone getting caught owning a hedggie. :o

  • I wonder though if you had to get vet attention for a hedgehog if they are required by law to turn you in?

    How do you think Chance & Kiya would like a hedgehog?! 😉 :eek: 😃

    I could ship you one from my backyard in Maine (once the snow melts)…we have a family of groundhogs (same thing) that live in our stone wall. Ruby & Brando go crazy when they look out and see groundhogs on the lawn.

  • dont worry

    most people who own ferrets and hedgehogs in CA never run into trouble.. its easy to bring them into the state… i wouldnt worry if i were you if you really wanted one.

  • Yeah I thought about that one too. My office is "off limits" to the furkids. I keep my school books in there. I learned real quick that they like to chew them. LOL
    So a little hedggie would be fine in there. 😉
    My vet actually has cared for ferrits so I don't think that would be a problem. 🙂

  • California is a very strict place for pets!! I have parrots, and have a friend in America who was going to relocate to California but couldnt because one of the parrots she owns is illegal in that state!! Apparently not in any other, just California. Very strange!!

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