• Here is my baby that I rescued from the animal shelter. They told me she was a basenji/husky mix and that she was 7 months old when we rescued her. That was in april of 2008. The more that I read about the basenji, the more I wonder if she is just a basenji. The only thing that gets me is that out of all the pictures I have seen is that basenji's have brown eyes and mine has blue! Sasha however has all the quirks of the basenji. I am so confused with her, that I just call her a basenji, cause that is what her temperment and that are closest to. She reminds me of a cat when she cleans herself, and she very rarely barks. she makes a lot of high pitched noises when playing with her. Could someone please help in the looks of her? These pics are the ones I took of her after rescuing her, I will post more tomorow.

  • Well, the Huskies often have those blue eyes‚Ķ ūüėČ

  • I don't know if she has any basenji in her but she is a pretty girl. It looks like she and the cat are good buddies! In fact, they even have similar coloring.


  • BTW‚Ķ I posted on your other thread a more detailed response.;)

  • What a cute and nice pictures, she's a great looking lady!!!!

    And welcome to the forum!

  • Hello !! Welcome to the forum !

    Greetz from freezing :eek: Belgium

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