Mansa Musa, Shankara Narayana and Tzonga

  • Mansa Musa, "Moses"- the red and white
    Shankara Narayana, "Shankara"- tall tri
    Tzonga- petite tri

  • That's quite the crew of Basenjis you have there. Very unique names too. 🙂

  • Mansa Musa is Arabic for "King Moses". Mansa Musa was the 13th Century King of Mali and made Timbuktu the financial, art, scientific capitol of North Africa. When he made his pilgrimage to Mecca he took a thousand slaves all dressed in silk. When the travelled thru Egypt the slaves handed out so much gold that it was devalued for the next couple of years. I got Moses when he was 2 and kept his name.

    Shankara Narayana was a 10th century Indian mathematician who wrote commentaries on the Chinese theories on the place value system. Shankara also pushed for acceptance of the Hindu-Arabic numeric symbols (the 0-9 we use today), wrote on the significance of the zero and the functions of sine and cosine. Shankara was puppy mill stud and didn't have a name.

    When I wanted a 3rd basenji, my wife at the time, wanted tri puppy named Sonya. So I spelled it a little differently.

  • Love your Bs. But then, I love them all


  • Mansa Musa looks likes his trip to Mecca pooped him out. 🙂

  • Nice pics, cute B's!! and very beautiful names!!!!

  • Awwwww….. too cute!

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