• Every year we make our own christmas card that we send to family and friends…

    When we begun a few years ago, there only was a cat..
    Year after that, there was the first B..
    and this year.. 3dogs and a cat.... 😕
    We couldn'd get spaiky at the pics next to the dogs, but i'm getting used to my photoprogramme on my computer so I cut Spaik out of his pic and paste it on the dogs photo... But a lot photos were taken to get this years result...

    I want to share some funny ones...

    I don't feel like being a good kitty… I like the shining things a lot!

    Uhm People! youre goining to kill the kitty!!!!
    "no chafuko, Spaiky is being naughty…

    lalalalalala :p

    GRRR she's got us!

    Okay, were in strike!

    I'm going to sleep now, wake me up when its done right?

    Looks like he's having a lot of fun…. AHUM

    WHY??? 😕

    Yeah thats the spirit!!

    Hailey we can sneak out…. GO

    Wait for meeeee

    …... no comment......

    Even Sadie didn't want to pose…

    The result… 😃

  • Ha ha ha ha - I love the one where you are putting on the hat and he is sticking his tongue out. 😃

  • I got your card today! It looks wonderful 🙂

  • I'm very impressed!! I have difficulty getting just 1 to pose, let alone both Bs. The cats? Forget it!

  • Very festive bunch!! Just curious, what is the one you are calling Sadie?

  • I am just in love with your brindle!


  • Those were awesome!!

  • @bellabasenji:

    Very festive bunch!! Just curious, what is the one you are calling Sadie?

    Sadie is our two months old Rat 😃

    We always had rats, our last two men died a couple of months ago and really can't without them… so Sadie is our new girlie.. she's most of the time running loose across the house (never without me or Kas... )

    The cat and Buana (the red and white) are afraid of rats, but hailey and chafuko.. pfff they want to eat her sooo badly hahahaha (I would want the same if I were a dog...)

  • Well, I do absolutely love your whole group!!! However, the rat's picture is adorable (I had guessed it might be a rat). Too funny!!!:D

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