I'm at my parents house, a little quality time with my mom and dad 'till i'm going home again 😃

It's rainy and cold, my mom is at the mall and I'm home allone with my doggies…

I wanted to let them out for a pie... hahahaha

They give me a very BIG finger..
They didn't notice it was raining so the jumped out in the garden and immediately stopped - turned - ran inside - look very angry

Now, buana is lying on the big chair, covered in a fleece blanket..
Chafuko is lying on one couch with a fleece blanket
Hailey is lying on the other couch with also a fleece blanket...

When I look at them or talk to them, they give me an expression... :eek:

So nice to have active, smiling dogs... hahahaha

Same picture here: just a quick jump in the garden for a pee that's all. I am convinced Bendji is waiting for a moment of distraction from my side to poo in the hallway !!!!:eek:
"No way I am going to do my business on the wet grass, you human !":p
For now he is lying on the coach under a fleece blanket… Do they perhaps have telepathic gifts ???😕
Greetz to the beastie boys

My previous beastie (died last fall), EL D, absolutely hated going out in the rain and when it was cold I would frequently find him burrowed under the bed covers 🙂

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