• I have a cat that I LOVE, but she does not love the dogs. She is the sweetest, most loving cat to whoever feeds her. She is very skittish, and will not let anybody other than her provider pet her. She spends much of her time in my closet hiding from the world. She spent most of her first 2 years as an outdoor cat & now that we're in an apartment she's indoor only.
    I think she much prefers to be an outdoor cat & does not enjoy living with the dogs. I just feel its unfair to keep her, although I hate the idea of parting with her.
    If anybody could provide a quiet, dog free home or lives on a quiet cul-de-sac where she would be safe from speeding cars, I think she would be much happier. She would take some time to adjust to the new family, but whoever feeds her gains her undying love & affection. (I was out of town for a week once. My mom fed her for me, and she became my mom's best friend. As soon as I returned home, she wouldn't go near my mom).
    I love her so much, and if nobody can take her, I will be keeping her. If somebody does take her & it doesn't work out, I would require she be returned to me. I just believe I'm not providing her with the happiest home life I could & its not fair to her.

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