Cody was very bad dog! alert, involves poo

  • My beloved Cody was very bad when I took him for a walk down at the nature area close to my home…about 2 miles away. After work, I drove him and his gal Shasta down for a walk.
    He found a pile of loose 'poo', rolled in it, shook it all over me,
    I was so mad, I didn't let him walk, just headed over to the car
    so bringing him home was "fun"...not!:(
    Thank heavens I had bacterial wipes in the car, which got the big pieces off, and kept him in the garage when I got home, to wipe him down more.
    Anyway, he got a 6 month bath, and I am still trying to get over the mess...
    I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog...who smells nice now.

  • Eewwww! Topper once rolled in decomposed fish, in a rather gelatinous state. On a very cold night at the beach 10 miles from home, too cold to drag him into the water to rinse. I sat in the very back of the van, with him wrapped in a towel(to protect the van) and all the windows open all the way home. Nearly froze, and was none too gentle getting him into the tub, Blech!
    At least he didn't shake it all over me!
    I love my dog, I love my dog….

  • I think you would have been worse!
    Laugh…love our our dogs!

  • Deer pooh here!
    All five dogs rolled in it….I considered doing the same so I wouldn't notice the stink. :rolleyes:

  • After Blaze was sprayed by the skunk, and I bathed him (with citrus dawn), he ran outside the first chance he had, and rolled in sheep poop. I bathed him again. …next day, he found the skunk again...

  • well, we have had already very dead fish after high waters, dead seals and a dead fox. But I have had a friend who lived in a skunk area, she told me that tomato-juice heals things like that. And for sure, it does! I have tried it several times, and it realy neutralizes these very icky smells….


  • Deer poop is awful too - at least mine just rolled in it and didn't fling any on me :eek:

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