• Max tilts his head when you speak to him. If I am watching tv and he wants something he will go right into my view and cock his head. If that doesn't work he will paw at me and whimper. He the cat by pawing at her too, but he never actually hits her. 🙂 I love the way he furrows his brow.

  • I have experienced Hollie cocking her head at almost everything I say. She is trying so hard to understand what I am saying to her. They have the most expressive little faces.

  • Jazz has an intense stare that seems to change depending on what she needs/wants. I can usually tell if she needs to go outside, is nervous, wants to be fed, or wants a lap to sleep on just by the stare. Can't describe the differences, but they're there.

    Sometimes it is almost unnerving how intently she can stare into my eyes, and for how long.

  • I think it's a bit scary how many expressions Nala has. She too tilts her head when talked to sometimes and she stares to get her message across. I think she knows EXACTLY what I am saying at all times. She has trained me in the way JazzysMom describes to know what she means by all of her stares!

  • Even after 8 months with Duke, and he being 10 mos old, I am still in aww having him. When Duke stares me in the eye . . . I just melt! His eyes are so pure and convincing. He does this when he wants to play and before a B500 burst. He gets results with his eyes. Dogs do talk silently with their eyes and body. And pawing? He needs to learn to be gentle. Sometimes he goes right for the face when I'm holding and talking to him. He's quick and with tough nails!! :eek: Like he's either motioning for me to "shut-up and play" or trying to figure out how talking works. 😕 We are still learning, but at a much faster pace now that he's getting older. 🙂

  • Our male, Querk, is the master of the stare. We call it the basenji mind-meld. He usually uses it when he is willing you to give him a bite of whatever you are eating.

  • Max has that stare too. I really think he is trying to communicate with me. I usually can tell what he's thinking too.I just love him.:)

  • Max has a pitiful stare for when he wants a treat.:o I can't resist it.

  • That is soooo funny Max does that too.:)

  • hummmmm…. I have to agree those big brown eyes ... and cocked little head just melt me ...

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