36th Day of Pregnancy

Banshee is gaining weight….

The male is Jester (the father of the comin litter) and the little Cat is Phlox. She enjoys playing "catch me if you can" behind the safe fence 😉



Ahhh, the pregnant Basenji form. Soon to be a goat! I love it!

She looks pretty! Lovely couple 🙂

ahhhh. she's a pretty fat lady….

is she's doning well during the pregancy?

She is doing pretty well, she is hungry 24/7 and is very laid back and relaxed.

By the way, I still take bets on the quanity…... 😉



Can I come and visit when she whelps?? I want to see the fuzzie babies.. You are not THAT far from Paris. 🙂


By the way, I still take bets on the quanity…... 😉

My guess.. two girls and three boys!

My guess? 2 boys and 4 girls!

How exciting! They're going to be beautiful babies I'm sure!

She looks fantastic, can't wait to see the babies!!

I want to gess also..

I'm going for…

3 boys, 3 girls!!!

if i'm right, may I pick one for myself??? 😃

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