• it's been about 3 1/2 weeks with little olimar. he's gonna be 5 months on the 19th 🙂 michelle has been very nice and caring to oli, but, olimar seems to bite her, donesn't listen to her, ignores her, and so on. he pees and poops when i'm around, but when shes just there he does no.1 and 2 everywhere. she feels very bad and discouraged about it. i'm afraid that she'll start disliking him. i really want olimar to love michelle… what can i do or she do about olimars behavoir? is this normal?

  • Have Michelle hand feed Olimar, at least one of his meals each day. At first, she shouldn't ask him to really do anything but should feed each kibble by hand with the only criteria being that he is not mouthing her or jumping up on her. After a couple of feedings, she can start to use mealtimes as an opportunity to ask Olimar for a sit, down, or even just calling his name and giving a kibble when he turns toward her or rewarding him for holding himself still while watching her.

    Doing this should help raise Michelle's value to Olimar and she should find that he pays more attention to her.

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