• We went on our first real vacation with her this July to St. Louis. After driving down to Chicago with her numerous times, we thought she should be able to handle the 71/2 hour car ride, and she did great! I think she was less restless than my husband! We found a pet friendly hotel, brought her BIG crate along, and everything worked well. Tosca LOVED the hotel, or should I say the people there. She yodeled at everyone she met, which was hilarious. And of course I got a million questions about her, most common being "is that a terrier?" "What breeds is she mixed with?" and "how big will she get?" ūüôā
    Overall she did great, although I think the 3 nights we stayed was enough…she was starting to get restless in the hotel room by the end. It was just too small for her, and she knew about all the fun out in the rest of the hotel, so she started to get whiny. Luckily, it was nice and hot so during downtime I took her for some long walks to get her nice and hot, sweaty, and tired! Here are some pics...enjoy!

    The first ones are her panting after a nice long walk in the hotel...I love how she looks like she is smiling! Then, there is some of her sleeping after a hot day, and finally her and I by the arch...by the time my husband actually took it she was pretty squirmy, too many things to look at, no time for pictures!

  • Very cute pictures. I love how she sleeps with her back legs sticking out‚Ķour B does that too! I'm glad she did so well and had fun on your vacation!

  • Great shots - what a pretty girl! And a good traveler- nice.

    Maybe your husband would have been less restless if he had his own crate along. Keep him off your computer too!;)

  • Great pics. I love the happy smiles. My favorite is the fountain/arch with the 2 of you.

    Did you find St. Louis to be dog friendly? Was Tosca allowed in the city parks and at outdoor dining areas?

  • I did find it to be dog-friendly, however, I didn't really try to bring her anywhere, so I don't have much info for you. She was great walking around the downtown (where we stayed) and no one seemed to have a problem with her; in fact many stopped to admire/pet/ask questions about her. However, we didn't try to take her to any parks or restaurants. We were only there 3 nights, and since we stayed right downtown we were able to go back to our room often for breaks. So our schedule was to basically keep her in the crate while we did our stuff, then come back and play/take her for walks on our downtime. The hotel we stayed at, Drury hotels, was extremely friendly though, I cannot say enough good about it. The workers were Great about Tosca, I could walk her all over (on leash of course)! They all stopped to pet her too! Plus, the hotel had lots of free stuff, like free breakfast, free internet, free long distance, free drinks (both soda and alcoholic) and snacks (nachos, chex mix) etc each evening. I guess there are Drury hotels in many of the surrounding states, and based on my experience I would recommend them to anyone traveling with pets!

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