• Rocco claiming his chair the night before

    Here are (I hope) some pictures of Rocco at the Beach. This was his first trip, which was a little while ago. He has since then gone several more times. We even have in going into the water (up to his chest)!

  • How cute! He's a brave one. I've never gotten mine farther in then their feet and that's at a lake with no waves.

  • Very smart b…no sand in that boys ears.

  • Yeah he has done pretty well. Up here the water can be quite cold, but the beach we go to has a "lagoon" area that fill up with water during high tide, it is much warmer. I can't say he loves it, he has his limits and we never force him to come in. We also did some click and treating when he was getting deeper. He hasn't yet been deep enough to swim, not sure if he would like that much water!

  • Great Pictures..thank you so much for sharing. What a cute Tri boy you have. 😃

  • What a handsome boy is Rocco!

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