• Hello. I just joined your forum today. My basenji is 10 months old. She is a black and white named Swikiri Ketann. We simply call her "TANA". This forum is for her so it's under her name. "Swikiri" means sweet in South African.

  • Hello Ketan - Welcome. Is Tana your 1st Basenji? I also have a black and white named Duke. He was found when he was only 10 or 12 weeks old. He was so cute, I had to have him. I didn't know he was a Basenji until he was 6 mos old. He is now 9 mos old. He is my first B. Thankfully I found this forum, because I have and still am getting lots of information about this very amusing and interesting breed. (good and bad :rolleyes: ) Oh how my life has changed. That is a good thing. Enjoy - it's nice to have another Basenji contributor.

  • Welcome! What a nice name and how appropriate to have researched and found a fitting name from the breed's country of origin. I've been in such the "Mommy" mode that mine's name was from "The Lion King"! LOL…no idea if it means anything. I think I'm afraid it means something terrible that I won't like if I found out!
    I've found this forum very fun, interesting and entertaining. Great people!

  • Nala, I once saw someone interviewed on television who said she had allowed her four-year-old to name her… new sibling. She chose the name Nala.

    I can't imagine letting one of my kids name one of my other kids. He/she would have ended up with a name like "Spaceboy" or "Nifty Ned."

  • Welcome to the forum. I can't wait to see pictures of your b. I love all dogs, especially basenjis, but i think the b&w's are simply stunning. Glad to have you with us.

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