Washington, DC Metro Area Basenji Meetup

Several people in the metro and nearby area are planning a basenji play date this weekend. More details available at:


Fort Ethan Allen Park
3829 North Stafford Street
Arlington, VA 22207

Park Hours:
Sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset except on lighted facilities.


  • Community Canine Area (Dog Park)

Special Features:

  • Adjacent to Madison Community Center
  • To avoid congestion around the Dog Park, please park at the Community Center.
  • The Dog Park is just on the other side of the Center…


If I were not going out of town this weekend Dallas & I would totally be there! I hope to see more of these in the future so I will be able to attend 🙂

Though a couple of folks weren't able to attend who had hoped they could, we still had several folks join us at the 'Gucci' dog park in Arlington. There were at least 11 Basenjis running around together – maybe more but it's hard to keep track of them as they were always on the move. Hopefully we can plan another event soon and draw a larger crowd.

We really wanted to be there! We hit the road with our boys, got on 95, and realized that by the time we actually got there it might be dark! One thing we forgot to plan for was the holiday weekend traffic. Please please please plan another one soon! We'll definitely be there!!

Melodie Muprhy has graciously posted a number of great photos from our first Washington DC Metro Area Basenji Meetup. You can view them by browsing to http://basenji.meetup.com/76/ and click the link for Photos.

JR Key

I've never let my dogs off lead in public before. They've been around other dogs at shows and the fun match and of course there was some snarkiness. What are these meet ups like? Can the dogs stay on leads until we make sure everyone is cool? Have there been any altercations? We've never done this before…..

Never mind. I just read a comment about the rules of the park. Neither of my dogs have been spayed or neutered. Glad you guys get to have some fun!!

Though the dog park rules state your dogs must be spayed or neutered, people ignore that rule all the time. The most important thing is that you be smart. Don't bring a dog in heat to a dog park. Monitor your dogs closely while at the park and if they get into any snarkiness step in immediately. Even dogs that have all been spayed/neutered can get into spats. It's only when a foolish owner doesn't immediately take control of their dog that people get annoyed. In regards to keeping your dog on leash, that's also against the rules, but for good reason. We all know that dogs are more defensive and aggressive on leash. Having your dog on-leash in the park just isn't smart. There will nearly always be some snarking among Bs at the park initially but a quick scold or correction is all that is generally required and soon they're all running around and playing. Those that don't get along have plenty of room to avoid each other if they wish. Most importantly, you have to relax as well. If you're timid, tense, or nervous chances are your dogs will pick up on and respond to that as well. Assume things will go well and act on that that assumption, and that's what will most likely happen.

I can't make it this weekend either 😞 I really hope to make it next Saturday though!!!

Here are some pics from our meetup today… 🙂

Running of the hounds:

JR getting the dogs moving:

Attempting a group shot:

Who invited the Beagle??

Got B's?

How many can you count??

It was really great to meet up with everyone! 🙂 Wish more of my pics had turned out! Did anyone else get any?

I think it may be worth the drive to meet with everyone next time!

While I take my own pack to a small off-leash park in DC every weekend morning about 10am, we can plan Meetup playdates anywhere in the region. If folks know of a nice completely enclosed off-leash park in your area, please let me know and we'll move the location around each month to make it easier for more people to participate without having to drive quite as far every time.


If you all ever want to meet up at Baron Cameron – or there's one in Sterling but I can't remember the name of it... Let me know. We have a lot of plans this fall so the more heads up, the better. But I'd love to meet up again- I just adore seeing all the dogs together.

Where will it be this Saturday because Dallas & I are definitely coming! 🙂

anymore dc meet ups? altho my amber is sick 😞

saw one basenji walkin near the zoo one day, was that one of u guys? black one looked just like one of mine

Leesburg just opened a dog park… !! 🙂
(Northern Virginia)

Here's a link to the park information (scroll down, it's item 13):


Olde Izaak Walton Park

850 Davis Court, SE 20175

(21 acres) The park, once owned by the Izaak Walton League, includes a 3 ? acre

pond, stream, trails, and a 7500 square foot building, which is available for rentals

An off leash three quarter acre dog park has recently been completed at the park. Future plans may include passive uses such as a nature center, fishing pier, picnic facilities, and a playground.

Would LOVE to have the 'senji's get together out our way at some point!! 🙂

Hi Folks,

Sorry, but I don't check the Forums here too often these days … too much else going on. But, yes, the Metro Area Basenji Meetup Group is still active. I usually post information via the meetup website (http://www.meetup.com/basenjis-DC/). We haven't organized a large meetup yet this year, but I'm happy to do so, and as I mentioned before, we are willing to move the location around the area. I can send out a post to the group re: the 3/4 acre dog park in Leesburg to see if we can get up some interest to arrange a meetup there. If there are other dog parks around the area, feel free to pass along that info as well to me (via the meetup page would be best). We should definitely try to arrange a big group outing while we have good weather.

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