• Would like to meet other Basenji owners and their dogs.
    Want to meet at Udall Park off-leash area?

  • There is an agility trial this weekend at Reid Park. There will be at least 5 basenjis running early (most are in excellent). The best day to catch up with us is early Sunday as we will be rushing Sat. morning to get some runs in before we take V up to Phoenix for her meeting with the reproduction doctor. We will be too frazzled to talk on Sat.

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  • I work this Sunday at 11, but I would LOVE to have a Tucson meet up with basenjis. I have seen so few at Udall park, and I go most days in the mornings. I will be getting a new house in just over a week and it has a nice sized yard for a meet if people wanted to do something simple. Otherwise the dog parks are also great places to have meet-ups.

    I envy the husky meet-ups at Udall. I wish I could make it to a basenji meet.

  • This Sunday AM will not work for me – have a great time! I have a generally flexible schedule so someone please suggest another time/place. Thanks -- Mike

  • Are we trying to set something up? If so when/where?

  • How about meeting up Saturday and/or Sunday morning at 9 at Udall Park's off-leash area?

  • Saturday mornings work best for me.

  • I met 3 other basenji owners (2 new) that would also love to have a tucson meet. I know at least one of them is going to Reid park on Sunday for the agility event, and I will probably be there. If we can get a big meetup scheduled, it would be great as we would have probably around a dozen or more if people bring a few of their multiples.

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