• Hey Everyone,

    Just recently adopted a new pup - well he's 7 months now and i've had him for 2. It's been suggested to me and after reading all these posts that he looks just like a "B" but he's all black (maybe some lab???) and exhibits so many of the "B" behaviors. This is my first pup and he's proving to be a challenge but we're learning together. I'll add a pic soon enough and maybe we can get to the bottom of it. Thanks for having us! Everyone has such beautiful pups here.

  • Welcome to the forum JackBoy…we'd love to see pic's ... I have a red and white basenji mix also, she's 5 months old and a handful...This is deffiantly the place to be for information or just fun reading...Hope to hear your stories and see pic's soon

  • Welcome Jackboy
    My husband and I have a red and white Basenji boy 4 1/2 mths called Bandit and a 2yr Lowchen boy called Alfie.
    We are revisiting obedience for Alfie for first time training for Bandit.
    We are walking 2 a day with haltis now and what a difference it has made to our walks. Instead of having our arms pulled off, the boys have progressed to walking beside us…. Hooray... and oh so enjoyable.

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